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About our Host Families 

We would like to have a lot of international teams with us next year, after all International is part of our name.


This is what a host family would do:


1.  Provide a bed and access to a bathroom

2.  Wash uniforms, as needed, plus any other apparel needing to be laundered.

3.  Provide breakfast, sometimes lunch, sometimes dinner depending on their game schedule for the day.

4.  Take players to the Freeport field each morning, and pick up in afternoon or evening (there will be a schedule given to you for daily drop off/pick up times).  If a whole team is housed in one neighborhood (as has  happened in the past),  a bus went into the area and picked up/dropped off the team so that the host families did not have to provide transportation in that case. 

5.  Players will usually buy snacks, sometimes lunch and sometimes dinner (depending on game schedule for the day) at the fields. Host families are welcome to provide snacks and anything else they wish for their guests.

6.  We place 2 players per home, so that the players are comfortable.


What makes the event extra special for these players is staying with host homes in our area.  It is special for both the players and the hosts.  The tournament is about so much more than baseball.  We have the opportunity to get to know and make friends with young citizens of other countries, people we’d never meet any other way, and these friendships can last a lifetime.  Many of us are in frequent communication with players who were here many years ago.  It could provide you and your family with a wonderful experience.


 Many host parents try to attend some of the games, although it is not a requirement.  Sometimes host families will get together and have a picnic or pool party for their guests.  Sometimes they will take their guests to the mall or into Pittsburgh to see the sites.  Neither of these are requirements.


If you would like to have questions answered or obtain more information, please submit a question on the "Contact

" page. 


Once we have your commitment we will begin matching players with hosts and give you the opportunity to begin a dialogue with your future guests through email.

Interested in being a host? 

Thanks for submitting!

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